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Dr. Glen Thorp was born in California, raised bi-culturally and bi-lingually in Guatemala, Central America where his parents were missionaries under the Presbyterian Church. He served as Pastor in a variety of communities and types of churches including Chartering a Presbyterian Church in Santa Clarita. Redevelopment Churches in Denver and North Hollywood. He was active in the PCUSA serving as Moderator of the San Gabriel Presbytery and Delegate to the General Assembly several times. He retired after 13 years as Pastor of Community Presbyterian Church, West Covina.

After a year of retirement, Glen was invited as the Interim Associate Pastor of the American Church in Paris for seven months and then returned to their home in San Dimas. He was then called by Northminster Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield, as an Interim Pastor, where he served for 17 months, leading the congregation through a transition from a pastor who had been there 30 years to calling their next pastor. He is currently Moderating the Session of Emmanuel Hispanic Presbyterian Church, Claremont. Their founders were Cuban.

He is married to Eugenia (Jeannie) Thorp who was born in Colombia, South America and also grew up bi-culturally and bi-lingually in Colombia where her parents also served as missionaries under the Presbyterian Church. Jeannie has done volunteer work. An award winner in needlepoint, Jeannie also enjoys photography and traveling with Glen. Both enjoy live concerts and plays.

Glen’s pilgrimage in understanding Spiritual Gifts began while serving as pastor of his first church on the edge of the University of Minnesota. His Doctoral Thesis entitled: "Freed and Equipped: A Critical Study of Spiritual Gifts and Their Use Within the Church," was the basis for a questionnaire he developed to help people discover their Spiritual Gift. One of his thrills is seeing people using their Spiritual Gift in love, while serving God through their church and community.